If an error is found on a youth’s credit report, it will need to be disputed with each of the credit bureaus at a minimum, and possibly the creditor or company that reported the information. Please follow the steps below to dispute with the credit bureaus:


  1. CFPB sample dispute template
  2. Uniform Minor's Status Declaration-Voluntary Declaration for establishing that a child is a minor.
  3. Copy of credit report with errors circled
  4. Proof of age (birth certificate)
  5. Copy of Social Security Card
  6. Proof of CWA Authority

For more information on disputes:

Equifax Disputes

Reach out to Equifax at agency_complaints@equifax.com for details on how to proceed.

OVER 18*

  1. CFPB sample dispute template
  2. Copy of Credit Report with errors circled
  3. Supporting evidence of error (receipts, etc)
*If the youth you are working with is currently over 18, but the accounts in question were opened prior to their 18th birthday, use the instructions for Under 18.

Additional Resources

The FTC offers resources on how to handle disputes: Disputing errors on your credit report.
Additionally, the CFPB provides information for Child Welfare Agencies relating to what to do if there is an error on a credit report for a youth in foster care along with a resource on how to help youth in foster care start and maintain good credit.

Experian offers online access to upload sensitive documents and dispute letters.

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